Better 'Bucha...Better Belly! 

Hand Crafted Jun Kombucha


Everything we do, and make, centers around trying to make life better.  For that reason we use only premium natural and organic ingredients.

Our Story:

Like everything in life, we believe that things happen for a reason; and behind every challenge lies opportunities and lessons.  In 2013 I was what you would call a "non-believer".  I used to rely only on conventional medicine, "regular" diet and exercise.  But when I was faced with an unexpected life-threatening health scare - and the conventional things no longer worked - I had to look into alternative methods to start feeling better.  I went through health food stores and websites looking for alternative ways to boost my health & immune system and rebuild my gut health.  That's when I stumbled upon kombucha.

The problem was the store-bought ones I tried just didn't taste good at all!  So I decided to make my own.  My first mother SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) bloomed and I discovered I had a kombucha green thumb!  The first batch was born in my very own kitchen.  

Over time different flavors were born, and family, friends and even children loved it.  That's when I realized that if Joon'Bucha helped me, (and tasted great!) then maybe others could benefit from it as well.  I hope you try it and see the great benefits too!  But not all kombuchas are equal, that's why we like to say:

"Better 'Bucha, Better Belly!"

This is the best kombucha I’ve ever’s so good even my kids drink it!
— Alyssa T. (Greenwich, CT)


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What is Joon'Bucha?


Joon'Bucha is a version of kombucha (a bubbly fermented tea).  It contains natural probiotics and vitamins.  We use only organic green tea, raw organic honey, and organic fruit juices, and handcraft our Joon'Bucha in small batches of 2.5 gallons each.  We strictly use glass fermentation vessels to keep the Joon as natural as possible.  It's then bottled in amber glass bottles to protect the probiotics from harmful UV rays.

Joon (Jun) is often referred to as the "champagne of kombucha", and has been enjoyed in countries around the world for centuries.  In fact, the word "Joon" means "life" in Persian!

Our product is RAW and naturally gluten-free!  It's a wonderful alternative to sugary drinks and sodas.

So how are we different from the others?  Read on!



We use only the finest, all natural ingredients.  Yup, we know others say this, but we mean it!  From organic fresh pressed fruit juices and green teas to raw, organic and unfiltered honey (the way nature intended it!).

Our  SCOBYs (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) are the cultures which turn sweet tea into Joon'Bucha.  They're a combination of good bacteria, yeasts, and enzymes (probiotics) that eat the honey in our sweet tea and in exchange make bubbles and healthy organic acids. This fermentation process is natural, and is comparable to the one used to make yogurt and sauerkraut.



We only ferment in glass containers.  This prevents possible leaching from metals and plastics.  In addition, we handcraft in small batches of 2.5 gallons.  This ensures we put the most attention and care into each batch made.

Our final Joon'Bucha is bottled in amber bottles only.  This protects the 'buch from harmful UV rays which could kill all those healthy and beneficial probiotics!!

Giving Back...

We support honeybees!

We support honeybees!


Save the Bees!

Did you know that honeybees are the most important pollinators of food crops?  One out of every three bites of food we eat is a result of pollinators like honey bees, and crops like blueberries and cherries are 90 per cent dependent on pollination.

Since natural, raw honey is one of the main ingredients in our Joon'Bucha, we are huge fans of the work and effort put in by these tiny miracles!  In order to lend them a hand, a portion of our profits is donated to organizations fighting hard to save the honey bees and educate others to their importance.

This year our donations will be going to the following organizations:

The Honeybee Conservancy:

Planet Bee: